Tileron - Polycarbonate Sheet and PETG Sheet Manufacturer
With more than 27 years of experience, Tileron is a pioneer in the field of Polycarbonate Hollow, Solid and Corrugated sheets and a leader in Taiwan. Tileron's products are widely used in a wide range of markets and applications around the world, linking innovation, quality and service as the cornerstone of success.
Tileron continues to provide products that are world-renowned for their outstanding durability, strength, light transmittance, ease of installation and excellent quality.
These products provide the best performance and solutions for sidewalks, eaves, swimming pool roofs, skylights, roof systems, commercial and residential greenhouses, interior design, signage system, etc.
Quality And Capacity
Tileron has earned an industry-wide reputation for uncompromising quality and innovation and is certified for ISO 9001:2015 as well as many additional international engineering standards (available upon demand). With global product development and technical support throughout the world, Tileron is committed to offering world-class customer service, ensuring the company's ability to maintain their competitive market edge.
We now have 8 production lines: 5 production lines for PC Hollow sheet, 2 production lines for PC Solid sheet, and the last production line for Corrugated /wave roof panels.

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Solid Sheets
Tileron offers extruded polycarbonate and PET-G solid sheets in gauges ranging from 1.5mm - 15mm in both general purpose and UV resistant grades. Specialty Polycarbonate sheet products include thin gauges down to 1.0 mm, fire-retardant, sound insulation as well as run-to-size sheets and PET-G easy to process.
Multi-Wall Hollow Sheets
Tileron offers an extensive offering of polycarbonate multiwall products and accessories, fulfilling the requirements of most any application; whether you want to let the light in and keep the heat out in summer… or let the light and heat in for winter, Tileron can provide a satisfied solution for your project.
Corrugated Sheets
Corrugated Solid PC sheets are high quality, light weight, easy to install and have superior physical properties which make them ideal for roofing applications. Products are available in transparent, translucent and patent design with various light transmission characteristics.


South East Asia, other Asian areas, American and Canada, Mid South American , Mid East countries and European countries.


08 1993
Tileron established in Kaohsiung County with registered capital NT$30 million and purchased the first Italy Union PC Hollow profile sheet.
08 1993
Starting to produce the first Polycarbonate sheet for local customers
09 1993
The first PC Solid sheet for producing PC flat sheet and emboss sheet
12 1993
Starting to produce PC corrugate sheet
02 1994
To be Honor to get the certification ISO9002
08 2001
Expanding our production lines and shift to Tainan city with registered capital NT$50 million
06 2002
The Second PC Hollow profile sheet from Italy OMIPA for 7 feet width
09 2002
To get the patent rights on our Tileglass (frost hollow sheet) by cooperating with Japan partner
10 2002
Honor to get the certification ISO9001
12 2002
To get the patent rights on our LED sheet by cooperating with Japan partner
06 2004
To get the patent rights on our Unique Softlite sheet
09 2005
The second PC Solid sheet from Breyer in Germany
10 2005
To settle Warehouse in the south of Tainan to expand our Logistic in Taiwan
09 2006
Expansion of production capacity, there are now three hollow sheet production lines and two solid sheet production lines.
12 2006
2 new hollow production machinery and equipment were added. At this time, Tileron already has 5 hollow sheet production lines, 2 solid sheet production lines and 1 corrugated sheet (special-shaped extrusion) production line. It seems that it has become the largest manufacturer in Taiwan in this field, and the items are sufficient.
02 2020
Obtained the business license of PT TILERON PLASTIC INDONESIA, an overseas company in Indonesia

Professional Extruded Sheet manufacturer

Tileron Enterprise is a professional PC/PETG sheet extrusion manufacturer in Taiwan, providing various PC sheet products. Solid flat sheet, structural sheet, Hollow/Honeycomb Sheet, corrugated sheet, etc. In addition, a complete accessory product is also provided, including Aluminum and PC connector, anti dust tape, etc. With more than 27 years of manufacturing experience, excellent quality with reasonable price. Main Product: PETG /PC Solid sheet| PC honeycomb sheet| PC hollow sheet |PC structural sheet| Connector and Tapes accessories

production lines

PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines
PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines
PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines
PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines
PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines
PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines
PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines
PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines
PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines
PC Hollow Profile Lines For 3 Lines